Devlog #2 - Changes and Progress

Hello, anyone! Time to the second devlog!

Why did I took so long? Well, I started to work in the graphic part, and this part is a bit complicated. It's not finished yet, but I decided to show some progress.

What changed?

  • Sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!(not completed yet);
  • Now the cars go to the camera, not in its direction;
  • More graphics added(not finished yet!);
  • Some items is changing(some items has become useless  with some changes);
  • Mobile port in development (it's working nice, need some small optimization);
  • Some other small gameplay changes.

What's next?

  • Finish the graphics!
  • Characters!
  • More stages!
  • Fnish the UI!

No build this time... The next build will be released when some more graphics is finished (maybe with a character). Look forward for more updates. Maybe it takes a bit of time, because graphics.

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